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Steve Derene

2005 National Crime Victim Service Award | National Crime Victims’ Service Awards

Steve Derene | National Crime Victim Service Award
National Association of VOCA Assistance Administrators
Madison, Wisconsin

Steve Derene is the Executive Director of the National Association of VOCA Assistance Administrators (NAVAA). For 25 years, Derene has had a powerful impact on the field of victims' rights and services and on the lives of countless victims and survivors of crime and those who serve them. 

While known and revered by those in the field as a "policy wonk" and the "world's leading expert on VOCA," his commitment and service to the field also includes his valuable research. Derene is involved in planning and providing top-notch training and technical assistance to the field, in particular, to VOCA administrators and staff; strategic planning and evaluation; the improvement and expansion of direct victim services (including services to underserved victim populations); and efforts that have promoted collaboration among key stakeholders who should be involved in victim assistance efforts. 

His leadership of NAVAA has helped maintain the integrity of the Crime Victims Fund and has resulted in the creation of a strong network of victim service organizations and providers in addition to outstanding training opportunities. Derene has also served for years on the National Victims Constitutional Amendment Network Board of Directors and is on the Board of the National Organization for Victim Assistance. 

Derene helped enact and implement Wisconsin's first Bill of Rights for Crime Victims. He has a major leadership and technical assistance role in local, state, and national policies and practices that promote victims' rights and services. 

Derene's nomination by Justice Solutions was supported by more than 40 individuals representing national and state victim advocates and organizations, VOCA and victim compensation administrators, and Wisconsin victim advocates and allied professionals.