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W. Gregory Wims

2006 Volunteer for Victims Award | National Crime Victims’ Service Awards

W. Gregory Wims | Volunteer for Victims Award
Victims' Rights Foundation
Gaithersburg, Maryland

W. Gregory Wims is a community activist who founded the Victims' Rights Foundation, Inc. (VRF) in response to the senseless killings of three Washington, D.C., area women in 1996. As the volunteer president of VRF, Wims raises funds to assist victims of crime, their families, and their communities. 

Working with local law enforcement, VRF also provides reward money for the apprehension of perpetrators. Through his work with VRF, Wims has helped comfort victims' families following a number of tragic crimes, including the 2000 shooting at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., and the brutal murder of 8-year-old Kevin Shiflett in Alexandria, Virginia. 

Wims was also instrumental in forming and supporting the Sniper Victims' Fund in response to the 2002 sniper attacks in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. Working closely with the families of the victims of the sniper attacks, Wims spearheaded a fundraising activity that garnered $500,000 to distribute among the families, and acted as a victim advocate in the 2-month murder trial of Lee Boyd Malvo and John Allen Muhammad that followed. 

Most recently, Wims has worked with the widow of Richard Kyeremeh, a Ghanaian native who was murdered during a burglary of his home on January 9, 2005. Bridgette Quansah-Kyeremeh, also a Ghanaian native, had no family or support system in the United States at the time of her husband's death. Wims worked with Ms. Quansah-Kyeremeh to provide comfort and support during the murder trial and sentencing. 

In memory of Richard Kyeremeh, Wims and Ms. Quansah-Kyeremeh and her family opened a VRF office in Ghana in January 2006 with 14 charter members, to help victims of crime in that country. 

Wims began his volunteer career in 1969 when he was elected vice-president of the State of Maryland Youth Commission. He continues to serve as a volunteer and community activist in the Washington, D.C., area, bringing comfort and aid to those in need. 

Wims was nominated by OVC.