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Florence Reed Burke

2007 National Crime Victim Service Award | National Crime Victims’ Service Awards

Florence Reed Burke | National Crime Victim Service Award
Safe Horizon, Inc.
New York, New York

Florrie Burke, a licensed psychotherapist with a background in clinical psychology, came to Safe Horizon in 2001 to work in the SOLACE program for survivors of torture. She helped start the Anti-Trafficking Program there in the fall of 2001, while developing and instituting a training program and direct intervention model to assist victims of the World Trade Center attacks. 

Burke has been working with trafficked persons since 1997, when she designed and implemented specialized social services for 60 deaf Mexican people who were being held in slavery. Burke has provided training, consultation, and technical assistance nationally and internationally to law enforcement, governmental and nongovernmental organizations, and community groups in cases of human trafficking. 

Burke is guided by strong ethical and professional standards and understands the importance of mentoring and nurturing the people that she works with to become the leaders of tomorrow. She helped develop a program for survivors of trafficking to become mentors for other clients. Using a human rights approach, Burke has been proactive in helping to develop policies that directly affect victims and survivors and has been instrumental in developing guidelines for responding to large raids and rescues involving multiple victims. 

Burke has not only affected local, state, and national policy, but she has also played an instrumental role in helping other countries develop model practices. She has coauthored numerous articles and publications, including Safety Planning Standards for Trafficked and Enslaved Persons: A Guide for Service Providers and Attorneys. Burke is a pioneer in the field of human trafficking and modern day slavery, and the impact of her work can be seen on the faces of those she helps. 

Florrie Burke was nominated by Gordon Campbell, Chief Executive Officer, Safe Horizon, Inc., New York, New York.