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James D. Huffman

2007 Volunteer for Victims Award | National Crime Victims’ Service Awards

James D. Huffman | Volunteer for Victims Award
Families & Friends of Violent Crime Victims
East Wenatchee, Washington

Jim Huffman is a victim advocate with Families and Friends of Violent Crime Victims in East Wenatchee, Washington. His daughter and wife were murdered, and his personal tragedy has led him to work to improve services for crime victims. Through his volunteer work with the local community, Huffman has created and maintained support groups for families and victims of violent crime, including grief and bereavement services. He created a comprehensive guide for victim impact statements, which is used in the local prosecutor's office as a tool to assist victims. 

Huffman has a caring heart and a sense of compassion and empathy, which is what many crime victims need in their darkest moments. He was present in court on the anniversary of his daughter's and wife's deaths to offer support to another victim's family. Huffman's ongoing commitment to the community has led to stronger prosecution, better services for referrals, and a more integrated approach to victims from many outside agencies. 

Jim Huffman was nominated by Brandy West, Crime Victim Advocate, Crime Victim Services Center, Moses Lake, Washington.