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Jenna Oyler

2007 Special Courage Award | National Crime Victims’ Service Awards

Jenna Oyler | Special Courage Award
Kane, Pennsylvania

Seventeen-year-old Jenna Oyler is a survivor of sexual abuse and, in the aftermath of her own victimization, has chosen to campaign for the rights of other victims of child sexual assault. Oyler was victimized by a stepparent for 7 years, starting at the age of 5. 

Today, she has learned what it is like to transform from victim to survivor. Oyler's approach toward healing is multifaceted, she meets with a counselor and helps other victims through public speaking. Through her public speaking, Oyler has helped countless victims find hope and comfort. In addition to Oyler's powerful voice on behalf of crime victims, she has also become a staunch youth activist. 

Jenna is a member of Pennsylvania Coalitions Against Rape's (PCAR) youth advisory board, Rallying Youth Organizers Together (RYOT) Against Rape. As a member of RYOT Against Rape, Oyler works with other teen activists to bring messages about the realities of sexual violence to her peers. It takes great strength to speak publicly about a traumatic event that has transpired within a person's life. Oyler has risen to the challenge by teaching others that sexual assault is an event that happens, not something that defines a person. 

Jenna Oyler was nominated by Delilah Rumburg, Executive Director, PCAR, Enola, Pennsylvania.