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Andrea Conte

2008 National Crime Victim Service Award | National Crime Victims’ Service Awards

Andrea Conte | National Crime Victim Service Award
You Have the Power ... Know How to Use It
Nashville, Tennessee

After becoming a victim of violent crime in 1988, Andrea Conte made victim advocacy and justice issues a priority. In 1993, she founded You Have the Power ... Know How to Use It, a nonprofit corporation dedicated to raising awareness about crime and justice issues. You Have the Power produces documentary DVDs and resource guides on topics such as domestic violence, child sexual abuse, and elder abuse, and distributes them nationwide to law enforcement agencies, schools, civic groups, and therapists. 

You Have the Power also conducts public programs throughout the State of Tennessee on various crime issues, and its representatives frequently appear on television talk shows. In addition to presenting programs to the general public, You Have the Power conducts intensive victim impact programs with individuals incarcerated at the Tennessee Department of Correction. 

Conte became the First Lady of Tennessee when her husband, Phil Bredesen, became Governor of the state in 2003. Using her new platform as First Lady, Conte created a statewide Commission on Crime Victims Assistance to provide recommendations regarding benefits and other issues associated with the Criminal Injury Compensation Fund. 

She also walked more than 600 miles across Tennessee in 2004–05 to raise awareness of the prevalence of child sexual abuse and the role of child advocacy centers in helping these children recover. Today, local communities host shorter walks every April to raise funds for these centers. 

Conte also helped establish "Tennessee Season To Remember," an annual statewide ceremony held to commemorate loved ones lost to homicide. 

Andrea Conte was nominated by Viola Miller, Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Children's Services.