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Kim K. Ogg

2008 Allied Professional Award | National Crime Victims’ Service Awards

Kim K. Ogg | Allied Professional Award
McFall, Breitbeil & Shults
Houston, Texas

Since 1987, Kim K. Ogg has advocated for victims of crime in a number of professional capacities, beginning as a Chief Felony Prosecutor. In 1994, she became the City of Houston's Anti-Gang Director, the first such director in the United States, where she developed policies to reduce gang violence. 

In 2000, Ogg became the Executive Director of Houston's Crime-Stoppers, where she made sure that crime victims had a vital voice in the organization. She also developed the Safe School Program, which teaches students how to use the Crime-Stoppers tip line. Since its Safe School Program began, Crime-Stoppers has solved more than 650 crimes occurring on school campuses and confiscated more than 80 weapons. 

In 2002, Ogg initiated the Top Ten Most Wanted Sex Offenders in Harris County program, which led to more than 100 arrests of fugitive sex offenders, as well as a local weekly news segment titled "Predator Check." During her tenure there, Crime-Stoppers was ranked the number one community-based, crime-solving organization with the highest clearance rate for previously unsolved violent crimes. 

Throughout her career, Ogg has advocated for legislation that enhanced public safety and victims' rights, such as national legislation to combat the sale of "murderabilia." She was recognized by the Foundation for Improvement of Justice in 1998 for her contributions to improving the criminal justice system, and received the 2006 Distinguished Steve Chaney Award from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice's Victims Services and the 2007 Father Ken Czillnger Award from the National Organization of Parents of Murdered Children. 

In 2002, Ogg was appointed to serve on Texas Governor Rick Perry's Advisory Anti-Crime Commission, and she is currently a member of the National Alliance of Victims' Rights Attorneys. Ogg has developed professional and personal relationships with members of Parents Of Murdered Children and currently serves as the Heights Chapter's De Facto Legal Advisor. Currently, she is a private attorney specializing in victims' rights. 

Kim Ogg was nominated by Andy Kahan, Director, Mayor's Crime Victims' Office, City of Houston.