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Gael B. Strack, JD

2010 Award for Professional Innovation in Victim Services | National Crime Victims’ Service Awards

Gael B. Strack, JD | Award for Professional Innovation in Victim Services
National Family Justice Center Alliance
San Diego, California

Gael Strack has been an advocate for victims of domestic violence and their children throughout her entire career. By cofounding the first Family Justice Center in San Diego, California, she pioneered the way for co-located, multidisciplinary service centers that help victims overcome violent and potentially fatal situations. This type of center was the first of its kind to integrate multiple critical services for domestic violence victims, including legal, medical, and police services, along with counseling, daycare, and a comforting environment. 

Ms. Strack continues to support the needs of hurting families by developing and providing expertise to Family Justice Centers worldwide. She dedicates herself to teaching women, students, and community leaders about the signs of domestic violence through her many co-authored books, articles, classes, and trainings. Ms. Strack is the Chief Executive Officer of the National Family Justice Center Alliance, which provides technical assistance to more than 60 existing and pending Family Justice Centers worldwide. 

Gael Strack was nominted by Melissa Mack, Director of Technical Assistance, National Family Justice Center Alliance.