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Pamela Faith Young McCarter, M.D.

2011 Volunteer for Victims Award | National Crime Victims’ Service Awards

Pamela Faith Young McCarter, M.D. | Volunteer for Victims Award
York, Pennsylvania

Dr. Pamela Faith Young McCarter provided invaluable assistance to two victims of human trafficking, as well as information to federal authorities that led to the conviction of three human traffickers. Dr. McCarter is not a crime victim service provider nor would she consider herself a victim advocate; however, as a private citizen, she became an important advocate for two victims in Pennsylvania. 

Dr. McCarter, a frequent patron of a local nail salon where the victims were employed, learned details about the victims' financial coercion, poor living conditions, forced servitude, and marriage fraud. She encouraged both victims to leave their current situation and offered assistance to do so. 

When one of the victims fled the situation, Dr. McCarter helped connect her with local Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials. She has continued to help these two victims rebuild their lives and obtain appropriate services. ICE hopes that the publicity surrounding this situation will raise public awareness of human trafficking indicators and ways to report suspected human trafficking to law enforcement. Dr. McCarter exemplifies the phrase "good Samaritan.” 

Her willingness to take action shows compassion, kindness, and respect for the lives of others. Dr. McCarter was nominated by William F. Riley, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Immigration and Customs Enforcement.