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Michelle D. Scott

2012 Federal Service Award | National Crime Victims’ Service Awards

Michelle D. Scott | Federal Service Award
U.S. Attorney's Office
Raleigh, North Carolina

Over the past 12 years, Michelle Scott has demonstrated an incredible heart for the plight of crime victims. Her commitment is seen in every case and by every victim who comes in contact with her. But more than that, Ms. Scott translates that commitment into tangible and innovative solutions for the problems victims face within the criminal justice system. 

In response to the requirements of Title I of the Justice for All Act of 2004, for example, Ms. Scott led the judges and prosecutors in the Eastern District to place the victim at the forefront of criminal proceedings. Her leadership has shaped the manner in which judges conduct any public court proceeding. 

For the past 3 years, Ms. Scott has focused on developing victim services in Kosovo. She conducted a thorough needs assessment and developed a plan to address the most pressing needs of the Kosovo’s victims of crime. Many of those recommendations are being implemented; the Government of Kosovo recognized the rights and needs of victims through its first annual Crime Victims Rights’ Week observance, October 17-23, 2010. 

As part of Ms. Scott’s mission, she developed and implemented a model victim-witness training program for judges, prosecutors, victim advocates, law enforcement offices, and non-governmental agencies from the Governments of Kosovo and Albania. 

Ms. Scott also is a leader in improving services to crime victims in North Carolina. Since 2003, Ms. Scott has personally led the only multi-district statewide biannual Federal Domestic Violence Conference in the Nation. Additionally, Ms. Scott led the Nation’s first multi-district statewide Mass Casualty Conference. 

At home or abroad, Ms. Scott’s commitment demonstrates her great passion for upholding victims’ rights and ensuring that they are well served.