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Jamie A. Balson

2014 Crime Victims’ Rights Award | National Crime Victims’ Service Awards

Jamie A. Balson | Crime Victims’ Rights Award
Peoria, Arizona

Jamie Balson's career focus is working on behalf of crime victims to promote greater access to justice within the legal system, first as a social worker, and now as an attorney. It quickly became her goal to work directly with victims of crime to help facilitate healing and to search for ways to break down systemic barriers. 

Ms. Balson began working with crime victims as a victim advocate in a police department. Recognizing the need, she developed a training program for officers regarding victims’ rights and an officer’s responsibility under victims’ rights laws. As a civil attorney, Ms. Balson represented the surviving families of domestic violence homicide in bringing lawsuits directly against the killer. She worked diligently to expedite her cases to allow victims to put their legal issues behind them and focus on healing from the crime. 

Ms. Balson speaks regularly about domestic violence issues to local shelters and agencies that assist domestic violence survivors. In 2013, she received the Guara Award from the Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence for her outstanding efforts in providing direct services to victims of domestic violence. 

Ms. Balson strives to educate others about victims’ rights and issues that affect crime victims. 

In 2013, she authored and published Therapeutic Jurisprudence: Facilitating Healing in Crime Victims, which suggests ways the criminal justice system can best facilitate healing in crime victims. She also teaches law students about victims’ rights and how attorneys can impact victim healing in a variety of legal settings.