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Subtopic: Victim compensation

Crime Victim Survivors: The Power of the Personal Story - Episode 3: Unique Patterson

October 2022

In this podcast, we hear from Unique Patterson who discusses his experience as a gun violence survivor who suffered paralysis from the victimization. Joining Unique on the podcast is Dr. Liza Chowdury, Director of the Paterson Healing Collective, a hospital-based violence intervention program (HVIP). Staff of the Paterson Healing Collective connected with Unique while he was in the hospital, recovering from his injuries. In addition to receiving supportive services, Unique also received financial assistance from the state compensation program.

Crime Victim Survivors: The Power of the Personal Story - Episode 2: Elizabeth Huebsch

June 2022
In this podcast, we hear from Elizabeth Huebsch who discusses her experience when she sought assistance and support from law enforcement and her local sexual assault victim services organization. Throughout her journey, she experienced significant violations of her personal privacy and confidentiality. While her experience with her state’s crime victim compensation program was positive, the rest of her journey was not.

Crime Victim Survivors: The Power of the Personal Story - Episode 1: Juanita Batchelor

April 2022

In our first podcast, we hear the powerful personal story of Juanita Batchelor – a mother, grandmother, survivor, advocate, and activist – whose life was changed forever when her son was murdered. Juanita discusses the hurdles crime survivors go through trying to exercise their right to victim compensation; and what can be done to improve victim compensation services.

OVC Center for VOCA Administrators Launch: Remarks From OVC Director Kristina Rose

September 2021

In this video, OVC Director Kristina Rose announces the launch of the OVC Center for VOCA Administrators. The Center provides technical support to strengthen the capacity of VOCA Administrators to administer VOCA formula victim assistance and victim compensation funds—the cornerstone of support for victims throughout the Nation. Visit the OVC Center for VOCA Administrators website.

The OVC Center for VOCA Administrators Introduction Video

September 2021

The OVC Center for VOCA Administrators (The OVC VOCA Center) provides peer-to-peer technical assistance to meet the needs of VOCA Administrators. The OVC VOCA Center will broaden victim services to historically underserved communities, provide grant and financial management training and technical assistance, offer learning opportunities designed specifically for VOCA Administrators, and foster expanded accessibility and sustainability of VOCA programs.

The Antiterrorism and Emergency Assistance Program (AEAP)

January 2017
The Antiterrorism and Emergency Assistance Program (AEAP) is one resource that the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) uses to support jurisdictions and victims that have experienced incidents of terrorism or mass violence. Following the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma, Congress amended the 1984 Victims of Crime Act, authorizing OVC to establish an Antiterrorism Emergency Reserve (Emergency Reserve) using resources from the Crime Victims Fund (the Fund). Every year, OVC has access to up to $50 million from the Emergency Reserve that is available beyond the appropriation level for the Fund that Congress establishes annually. The OVC Director can use these Emergency Reserve funds for AEAP.

If You're a Victim of Crime, Help is Available

October 2016

This 2.5-minute video describes the help that is available for victims of crime by recognizing the effects of crime, identifying certain victims' rights that are guaranteed in most states, and describing services available from state victim compensation and assistance programs. If you or someone you know is a victim of a crime, there are resources. Visit www.ovc.gov/help for more information.

What is the Office for Victims of Crime?

April 2016

This 3-minute video describes OVC's mission and major responsibilities to enhance victims' rights and services for all victims across the United States.

The video also provides an overview of the Crime Victims Fund, describes how funding is distributed to the states to provide direct and accessible services, and discusses OVC's commitment to professionalization of the field through developing new programs; training and technical assistance; and disseminating information about model programs that benefit all victims of crime.

What is the Crime Victims Fund?

March 2016

This 2-minute video describes the Crime Victims Fund, a major funding source for victim services throughout the Nation that is made up of fines, special assessments, and forfeited bail paid by people who are convicted of federal crimes in U.S. courts around the country. The video offers information about the various grant programs funded using VOCA dollars and OVC's collaboration with state administrators of victim compensation and assistance programs.