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Delivering the News With Compassion: The GRIEV_ING Death Notification Protocol

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51 pages
The trainer's manual and power point slide presentation are provided for the GRIEV_ING course, which provides emergency physician educators with a practical, efficient, easy-to-teach intervention that has proven to improve resident death notification skills.
The Trainer's Manual states the objectives of the training are to teach trainees how to communicate using empathic skills, how to organize death notifications using the "GRIEV_ING mnemonic, and how to perform an effective death notification using "GRIEV_ING." In providing guidance to trainers on how to conduct the GRIEV_ING death notification, the trainers' manual provides instructions for various activities, including the amount of time required for each activity. Attachments of instructional materials are also included. Among the attachments are rules of listening policies for death notifications. Role playing scenarios are also outlined for the trainer. Training simulations using "patient actors" are included. The training also contains instructions for death notifications to parties with various characteristics of age and relationship to the decedent. Various resources are suggested that will help ease the emotional shock and provide support during the mourning period.

Date Published: January 1, 2005