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Denver Victim Services 2000 Community Advocate Program

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September 2001
3 pages
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This paper describes Denver's (Colorado) Community Advocate Program (part of Denver's Victim Services 2000 Project), which provides crisis intervention for crime victims by linking them to appropriate agencies that provide victim services.
Community advocates (CAs) are individuals who are known, respected, and involved members of underserved and unserved communities. CAs connect crime victims with needed services. Crime victims often learn about CAs through word of mouth, and CAs also publicize their services at community meetings and other gatherings at which they distribute business cards and fliers. Part of the CAs job description is to participate in community activities and meetings, where they become known and trusted by community residents. When contacted by a crime victim, the CAs provide crisis intervention as well as ongoing follow-up and case management, so as to ensure that victims' needs are fully met. CAs help crime victims overcome barriers to service, such as language differences and mistrust of the system. Laptop computers give CAs in the field access to the Denver online victim case management system and online resource directory. As part of the victim-services network of providers, CAs have a ready forum for networking, collaborating, making and receiving referrals, and consulting with other victim service providers. This paper describes the development of the CA program, including technical assistance, pilot project selections, and neighborhood planning groups. Contacts for more information are listed.

Date Published: September 1, 2001