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Help for Victims of DUI Crashes

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Date Published
April 2018
2 pages
This brochure produced by the National Sheriffs' Association with funding from the U.S. Justice Department's Office for Victims of Crime is intended for distribution by law enforcement agencies to victims of DUI (driving under the influence) crashes for the purpose of explaining their rights and available benefits as crime victims.
The brochure first informs DUI-crash victims that they are entitled to the same referrals for services, support, and resources due to victims of other violent crimes. The victims are then instructed in the initiatives they should take in ensuring their needs and rights are addressed. They are first encouraged to receive a medical examination even if they do not have any signs or awareness of injury. This should include asking for an ambulance to transport them to a hospital for a medical examination. They should also apply to state crime victim compensation programs established to provide coverage for expenses incurred due to the crime, including medical care, counseling, lost income, and funeral costs. Victims' right outlined include being informed of any criminal justice proceedings, attending and being heard at court-related proceedings, and the submission of a victim impact statement. Questions to ask the case officer are also suggested. Contact information for national victim resources for DUI-crash victims is provided.

Date Published: April 1, 2018