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National Bias Crimes Training for Law Enforcement and Victim Assistance Professionals: A Guide for Training Instructors

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330 pages
This guide trains instructors in teaching a 2 1/2-day curriculum designed to enhance the services that police and victim-assistance professionals provide to victims of bias crimes.
The curriculum's focus is capacity building, and its purpose is to strengthen the knowledge and skills of individual professionals in law enforcement and victim assistance. It provides police officials with information and strategies for identifying bias crimes and in taking appropriate action to deter and investigate these crimes. It provides victim-assistance professionals with information and strategies for assisting the victims of these crimes. Further, it intends to strengthen the capacity of professionals in both fields to contribute to successful investigations and prosecutions of bias crimes and contribute to changing the community norms that currently foster a tolerance and indifference for bias crimes. Also, it provides professionals in both fields with the perspectives and strategies that will enable them to work more effectively within their own departments. Each of the 15 sessions has sections that provide the time allotted for the session, cases/videos, description of intended audience, objectives, an overview, terms used in the session, instructor's notes, transparencies and handouts, and resources. A resource list and a 69-item bibliography

Date Published: January 1, 1995