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Response to Victims of Crime: Model Policy

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Date Published
August 2010
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This model policy for responding to crime victims is intended primarily for law enforcement personnel, who, as first responders, are in a distinctive position to provide care and support for crime victims, as required by state and federal laws.


This policy mandates that law enforcement personnel 1) recognize and address the needs of crime victims during each contact with them; 2) support and assist crime victims as they continue to interact with the criminal justice system; and 3) act as a liaison to appropriate victim assistance and service agencies. The policy notes seven critical needs of crime victims: safety, support, information, access to support services, consistency, opportunities to be heard, and justice. The procedures outlined focus on aspects of the initial response to crime victims, information and referrals, investigation and follow-up, resources, and training.

Date Published: August 1, 2010