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Take Action Against Trafficking of Black Girls

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This three-part tool-kit discusses the emerging trends and practices for early intervention and prevention of sex trafficking of Black girls, and amplifies voices from the field, including direct service professionals, researchers, youth and young adults with related experience, and multidisciplinary service providers.


This three-part video series discusses the emerging trends and promising practices for prevention and early intervention of sex trafficking, specifically geared toward Black girls who are at risk of becoming trafficking victims, or who are already victims. The video series is presented as three modules, titled: Combating and Preventing Sex Trafficking of Black Girls—Promising Practices (Part 1); The Intersection of Juvenile Justice and the Sex Trafficking of Black Girls; and Combating and Preventing Sex Trafficking of Black Girls—Promising Practices in Education and Mentoring. The first video informs the viewer about trauma-informed services, youth partnership, and choice and voice for survivors; it also highlights the efforts of the program, PEARLS for Teen Girls (Personal Responsibility, Empathy, Awareness, respect, Leadership, and Support), which serves middle through high school-aged girls. The second video informs viewers about the intersection of juvenile justice and Black girls currently facing or at risk of exploitation, noting the criminalization and adultification of those Black girls in the juvenile justice system; it also highlights a private practice mental health agency in Alabama, eMotion Therapy, LLC, that works in partnership with the Children’s Aid Society of Alabama; it also provides tips on engagement with Black girls who have been involved in the juvenile justice system. The third and final video discusses the promising practices in education and mentoring, including restorative programming, equitable policies, trauma-informed responses, assessments to measure effectiveness, and other related topics; the video also includes a conversation with representatives from The Mentoring Center’s EMERGE (Educating, Mentoring, Empowering, and Reaffirming our Girls for Excellence) Program, which provides an alternative education program designed for Black and other girls of color who have been involved in the juvenile-legal or foster care systems.

Date Published: January 1, 2022