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Victims of Crime Act Victim Assistance Formula Grant Program: Fiscal Year 2020 Data Analysis Report

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Date Published
October 2022

This report analyses data recorded for activities performed in Fiscal Year 2020 under the provisions of the federal Victims of Crime Act Victim Assistance Formula Grant Program (VOCA.)


In FY 2020, nonprofit organizations were the most common VOCA victim assistance (VA) subgrantee organization type, followed by government agencies. Among the subgrantee organization types, campus organizations increased by 14 percent, representing the largest increase from FY 2019. Throughout Fiscal Year (FY) 2020, 56 Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Victim Assistance (VA) Formula Grant Program State Administering Agencies (SAAs) provided funding to 7,209 VOCA VA subgrantee organizations across 11,750 active subawards. Active subawards (awarded between FY 2016 and FY 2020) account for $3.8 billion of funding, representing an increase of 14 percent from FY 2019. These organizations assisted  9,450,970 individuals, including both new and returning clients. Of the total number of victims served, 5,469,889 individuals were served for the first time. VOCA-funded services also assisted an average of 1,499,125 anonymous contacts per quarter through digital chats, hotlines, internet forums, and victim notification systems. This report also provides data on VOCA-related training and coordination activities, victim demographics, types of victimization, direct services, and services provided to individuals. Notable trends and emerging issues discussed include addressing problems related to the COVID -19 pandemic, housing services, and the lack of language interpreters. 


Date Published: October 20, 2022