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The Faces of Human Trafficking PSA

On January 14, 2014, OVC debuted the "Faces of Human Trafficking" public service announcement (PSA), which is highlighted in the 2014 National Crime Victims' Rights Week Resource Guide. The goal of the PSA is to raise public awareness of human trafficking and highlight that survivors of this crime have very diverse backgrounds and experiences. The PSA is also available in Spanish, Thai, Hindi, and Tagalog. Download the PSA.


[A series of individuals representing the many faces of human trafficking speak out during the 1-minute public service announcement. Survivors listed in order of appearance.]

Text on screen: Anyone can be a victim of human trafficking

Female Survivor 1: Human trafficking is slavery.

Male Survivor 2: And it happens all over America.

Male Survivor 3: Any child, any woman, any man could potentially become a victim of human trafficking.

Female Survivor 4: I am a victim of labor trafficking.

Male Survivor 3: I was a victim of child sex trafficking, but now I own my body.

Male Survivor 2: Human trafficking is any kind of forced labor.

Female Survivor 5: It can happen to anybody.

Female Survivor 4: I am a mother.

Female Survivor 6: I am an author.

Male Survivor 3: I am a son.

Female Survivor 7: I’m an advocate.

Male Survivor 8: I am an educator.

Female Survivor 5: I’m a sister.

Male Survivor 2: I am a brother.

Female Survivor 6: I’m so much more than what happened to me.

Male Survivor 8: I am strong.

Female Survivor 1: I am brave.

Female Survivor 4: I am outspoken.

Male Survivor 3: I am compassionate.

Male Survivor 8: I am a survivor.

Female Survivor 7: I am a survivor.

Male Survivor 2: I am a survivor.

Survivor 4: I am a survivor.

Male Survivor 3: I am a survivor.

Female Survivor 1: I am a survivor of human trafficking.

[Screen fades to black and a title screen displays: Human trafficking has many faces. A new title screen appears with the following: For more information visit: www.ovc.gov/trafficking. It is followed by logos for OVC and OJP.]

Date Created: May 5, 2020