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2017 NCVRW Theme Video Clip

This 1:30 minute clip of the 2017 Theme Video highlights how communities can promote resilience and justice by working together to strengthen all victims of crime. Consider using the Theme Video to open ceremonies and luncheons, kick off your public awareness and education events, or motivate local media. Visit the NCVRW site for more information.

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KENTON KIRBY, DIRECTOR OF TRAUMA SUPPORT SERVICES, MAKE IT HAPPEN: Strength is the power to stand on your two feet after something happened to you and say, "This happened to me. It didn't break me. I'm still here, and I can figure out the next steps." R. DALE WALKER, MD, (CHEROKEE), DIRECTOR, ONE SKY CENTER: Resilience is the building of these positive pieces in a life so that they hold together, to work with an individual in their recovery. CHIC DABBY, CO-DIRECTOR, ASIAN PACIFIC INSTITUTE ON GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE: You don't only need services for people who are harmed, you also need an investment in well-being for everybody. And I think that's a very important component of justice. ERIN ESPOSITO, DIRECTOR, IGNITE: We can make our communities better. We can make our community stronger. MICHELLE GARCIA, DIRECTOR, OFFICE FOR VICTIM SERVICES & JUSTICE GRANTS: In order for that to be successful, in order for us to have thriving and healthy communities, we have to first recognize and build on the strengths that we have. We have to engage in the efforts that feed those resilient responses, both in individuals and in organizations. And, ultimately, those will contribute to the achievement of justice.

Date Created: June 9, 2020