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August 2019 Featured Resources

Model Standards Seek to Enhance Crime Victim Services

OVC's Achieving Excellence: Model Standards for Serving Victims & Survivors of Crime e-publication seeks to enhance victim service providers' competency and capacity to provide ethical, high-quality responses to crime victims. These model standards also seek to meet the demands facing the field today. The e-publication includes three sets of standards:

  • The Program Standards recommend guidelines, policies, and procedures that victim-serving organizations should have in place, and identify ways of documenting and administering services.
  • The Competency Standards describe general attitudes, knowledge, and skills that demonstrate professional competency in the crime victims field. The Competency Standards discuss how service providers can achieve these competencies.
  • The Ethical Standards identify the ethical expectations of service providers based on core values for the field.

Watch a Video About OVC Partnerships with Law Enforcement

Law enforcement personnel are often the first contact that victims of crime have. It is therefore critical that law enforcement—

  • understand the needs of crime victims,
  • have the skills to provide a trauma-informed response, and
  • have resources to help address work-related exposure to trauma.

OVC Partnerships With Law Enforcement is 6-minute video which discusses OVC-sponsored programs and resources to enhance the delivery of services to victims of crime by law enforcement agencies.

Serving Victims in Tribal Communities

OVC's Tribal Multimedia Resources inform and assist victim service providers and allied professionals in their efforts to help crime victims in American Indian and Alaska Native communities.

Alcohol-Facilitated Sexual Assault in Indian Country
The videos in this series seek to—

  • increase awareness about the prevalence of alcohol-facilitated sexual violence,
  • enhance the investigation and prosecution of sexual violence, and
  • provide best practices for responding to victims.

A Circle of Healing for Native Children Endangered by Drugs
This video series and companion resource guide offer examples of successful programs and practices used to help drug-endangered Native youth heal from trauma.

A Healing Journey for Alaska Natives
This video series is designed to educate professionals who work with Alaska Native victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking.

Partners in Justice—Bureau of Indian Affairs Victim Specialists
This video, prepared by OVC and Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), identifies some of the BIA Victim Specialist Program program's successes and challenges providing services to victims of crime in Indian Country.

Date Published: August 1, 2019