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December 2022 Featured Resources

National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

President Biden recommits us, “to stopping avoidable traffic deaths and keeping America’s roadways safe,” in his National Impaired Driving Prevention Month proclamation.

This December, we highlight resources to help the field serve victims of impaired driving.

The National Sheriffs’ Association’s DUI Crashes: Real Crimes, Real Victims video urges law enforcement to respond to and interact with DUI crash victims in a victim-centered way, with all the referrals, support, and resources due to victims of a violent crime.

The OVC-sponsored video describes the importance of clearly communicating to DUI victims that services are available to them, including crime victim compensation.

You can also obtain essential skills and knowledge to more effectively assist victims of crime in the OVC Training and Technical Assistance Center’s Victim Assistance Training Online. This free, self-paced training offers modules on Impaired Driving and Victims with Substance Abuse Issues.

For additional information and resources, visit the Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: Drunk Driving websites.

View Materials to Help Young Survivors in Tribal Communities

Child Victims and Witnesses Support Materials | Children and Youth in Tribal Communities

OVC is excited to release a set of picture books, comic books, and graphic novels focused on the unique challenges faced by children and youth victims and witnesses in Tribal communities.

The materials are designed for children in three different age groups: 2–6, 7–12, 13–18, and feature artwork and stories developed by Native artists and authors. They can be used to teach children—

  • how the justice system works,
  • what their rights are,
  • the roles of the different practitioners they might meet, and
  • how they can cope with the difficult feelings they might have.

Guides for practitioners and caregivers are available to provide information on how to use the materials.

View the materials

Coping With the Holidays for Victims of Crime

Coping with the Holidays for Victims of Crime

Through the holiday season, victims of crimes, family members, friends, and colleagues may experience life-changing traumas again through flashbacks, nightmares, and overwhelming sadness.

Though there are no rules to help someone get through the holidays, OVC offers suggestions from survivors based on their lived experience in Coping With the Holidays After the Death of a Loved One or When You Are a Victim/Crime Survivor.

Wherever victims and their loved ones are in their healing journey, this publication offers easy to follow guidance that may help them find comfort during the holiday season.

Date Published: December 6, 2022