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January 2024 Featured Resources

National Human Trafficking Prevention Month

Collaboration, Transformation, Impact

Every January, the Nation commemorates National Human Trafficking Prevention Month. In his Presidential Proclamation, President Biden states, “we remain committed to learning from and partnering with survivors to support their recoveries and to recruit their help in better spotting and preventing these too often overlooked crimes.

Newly Updated: OVC’s Anti-Trafficking Efforts Commemoration Guide

OVC’s updated Collaboration, Transformation, and Impact: OVC’s Anti-Trafficking Efforts Commemoration Guide provides outreach tools and sample materials, with a focus on addressing child labor trafficking, to help your organization develop and carry out its own anti-labor trafficking awareness campaign.

The guide features community outreach tools, a sample blog, sample social media posts, and more.

View the guide

Confronting Labor Trafficking Through a Victim-Centered Approach

Join Brecht Donoghue, Director, OVC Human Trafficking Division, for a National Human Trafficking Prevention Month webinar that spotlights labor trafficking and resources available to survivors. 

Learn about labor trafficking victim needs and resources available through the re-launch of Framework, an OVC-funded, labor trafficking-specific training and technical assistance project. 

Date: Wednesday, January 31, 2024
Time: 1:00 – 2:00 p.m., eastern time

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Sergio's Story: A Journey Through (and Beyond) the Legal System

Watch a new video series highlighting Sergio’s Story from our Child Victims and Witnesses Support Materials throughout January. Sergio’s Story describes the experience of a young boy who was a victim of labor trafficking and is part of a federal case. Follow this series on OVC’s social media channels:

Blog: United Against Labor Trafficking: Spotlight on Organizations Leading the Charge

As the largest federal funder of victim services for survivors of human trafficking, OVC has worked across government and with the anti-trafficking field for over 20 years to strengthen the:

  • identification of victims of human trafficking;
  • enforcement of human trafficking victims’ rights;
  • access to services through victim-centered and trauma-informed programs, policies, and resources; and
  • justice, access, and empowerment for all survivors of human trafficking.

Learn about the work of six OVC-funded programs working to address child labor trafficking in an Office of Justice Programs blog.

Read the Blog

Additional Anti-Trafficking Resources

Discover publications, training and technical assistance, and more on our Human Trafficking Microsite.

National Stalking Awareness Month

National Stalking Awareness Month

In his National Stalking Awareness Month proclamation, President Biden states, “This month, we shine a harsh light on these crimes to make clear that this kind of harassment, threat, or unwanted aggressive attention has no place in America.”

Visit the National Stalking Awareness Month website for ready-to-use resources to help your organization promote awareness. This Stalking Prevention, Awareness, and Resource Center site is funded by the Office on Violence Against Women.

This January we highlight the following OVC-funded projects to ensure services are available to victims of stalking.

WomensLaw Email Hotline

OVC helps fund the WomensLaw Email Hotline, which provides legal crisis intervention support using trauma-informed approaches that protect the safety and confidentiality of victims, including victims of stalking. Using funding from OVC, WomensLaw is working to increase awareness of and enhance access to its Spanish Email Hotline services. 

WomensLaw also offers plain-language information, in English and Spanish, on—

Image Abuse Helpline

The Cyber Civil Rights Initiative’s Image Abuse Helpline is the Nation’s only 24/7 hotline dedicated to assisting victims and survivors of image-based sexual abuse. With funding support from OVC, the Initiative will offer information and referrals, conduct physical safety assessments, offer guidance related to image searching, documenting evidence, image reporting, and image takedown, provide referrals to attorneys, and more. The project will also support efforts to raise awareness about the hotline and the services they provide.

Reclaim Project

OVC recently awarded funds to the Sanar Institute’s Reclaim Project to create standards of care for victims of online image-based abuse, build a network of organizations providing services to victims, increase awareness of these crimes, and enhance the capacity of the field.

Remote Tech Clinic to Combat Tech-Enabled Domestic Abuse in Rural Wisconsin

The purpose of this OVC-funded project is to support a research-practice partnership with victim service providers throughout the Wisconsin to increase access to tech clinic support for survivors of technology abuse living in remote parts of the state.

Additional Resources

For additional tools to help you build awareness and serve victims of crime, visit the following websites—

  • OVC's Stalking Topic page contains publications, answers to frequently asked questions, and resources.
  • OVC’s Mobile Apps page contains resources for victims of stalking, including the Tech Safety App, an OVC-funded app from the National Network to End Domestic Violence’s Safety Net Project.
  • The Office of Justice Programs’ Stalking Special Feature highlights research and resources.


Identity Theft Awareness Week, January 29 – February 2, 2024

Identity Theft Awareness Week: Jan. 29 - Feb. 2, 2024

Approximately 9 percent of persons in the United States age 16 or older—23.9 million people—reported being victims of identity theft during the prior 12 months, according to 2021 Bureau of Justice Statistics data

Discover sample resources to help you raise awareness on the Federal Trade Commission’s 2024 Identity Theft Awareness Week page. 

OVC offers a free, self-paced online training to help service providers more effectively serve victims of identity theft and assist with their financial and emotional recovery. Learn more and register for the Identity Theft Victim Assistance Online Training: Supporting Victims' Financial and Emotional Recovery.

OVC grantee, the Identity Theft Resource Center, offers identity recovery assistance. Victims of identity theft can contact the Center toll free at 888-400-5530 or through live chat Monday–Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., eastern time.

In FY 2022, OVC also awarded $2 Million to the Identity Theft Resource Center to enhance and expand its national hotline operations, which will allow the Center to respond to new threats and challenges for victims of identity theft and cybercrime.

The Identity Theft Resource Center also publishes information to help service providers and others understand trends in identity theft. Their 2023 Consumer Impact Report describes the emotional and practical effects on the day-to-day lives of identity theft victims.

Visit our Identity Theft topic page for additional information on serving victims of this crime.

Getting Ready for 2024 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week

Options, services, and hope for crime survivors. How would you help? National Crime Victims’ Rights Week. April 21-27, 2024.

National Crime Victims’ Rights Week (NCVRW) will be commemorated April 21–27, 2024. Use the 2024 NCVRW artwork  to help communities raise awareness about victims’ rights and services.

NCVRW Theme Colors

Use the 2024 NCVRW theme colors violet, berry, and navy in your awareness materials to draw attention to your community’s observance.

View the 2024 NCVRW color palette

NCVRW Web, Social, and Theme Artwork

Use the 2024 NCVRW English and Spanish artwork in your efforts to raise awareness of victims’ rights, services, and options.

Select artwork allows space for you to add your organization’s contact information, including a customizable theme poster.

View the 2024 NCVRW artwork

For more information about NCVRW, including the release of the complete 2024 NCVRW Resource Guide, sign up for the NCVRW Subscription List.

The 2024 NCVRW materials were created by the National Center for Victims of Crime with funding from OVC.

Date Published: January 11, 2024