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July 2022 Featured Resources

July 30 is World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

World Day Against Trafficking in Persons: 30 July

Join OVC as we commemorate World Day Against Trafficking in Persons on July 30. During this annual event we recognize the need to “work towards an enhanced comprehensive and coordinated approach to prevent and combat trafficking and to protect and assist victims of trafficking in persons…”

Learn about OVC efforts to ensure that victims of human trafficking have access to support services.

OVC Funds Services for Human Trafficking Victims

OVC is the largest federal funder of services for human trafficking victims in the Nation. During Fiscal Years 2016–2020, OVC human trafficking grantees reported serving more than 40,000 clients. Victims were provided services such as ongoing case management, legal services, employment assistance, safety planning, education, housing and rental assistance, and mental health treatment.

For information about OVC efforts to ensure that support and services are available to all victims of human trafficking, read The Office for Victims of Crime: An Ongoing Commitment to Victims of Human Trafficking and visit our Human Trafficking microsite.

Planning for National Human Trafficking Prevention Month

In 2023, OVC will commemorate 20 years of administering Trafficking Victims Protection Act funding that supports survivors of human trafficking. In recognition of this anniversary, OVC will share the accomplishments of the anti-human trafficking field with a series of self-submitted video testimonials. These videos will be woven together and premiered during National Human Trafficking Prevention Month 2023.

Learn more about the initiative and let us know your intention to submit a video by Tuesday, July 19, 2022. All videos are due by Tuesday, August 23, 2022.

Child Victims and Witnesses Support Materials on Human Trafficking

This set of graphic novels may help young trafficking survivors, aged 12–18, navigate the justice system. These resources help youth understand the justice system, their rights, and roles of different practitioners they may encounter.

View the materials.

A Roadmap for Anti-Human Trafficking Task Forces

A multidisciplinary anti-human trafficking task force supports and encourages a collaborative effort among local, state, and federal law enforcement, prosecutors, and victim service providers.

The Development and Operations Roadmap for Multidisciplinary Anti-Human Trafficking Task Forces, produced by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, with funding from OVC and the Bureau of Justice Assistance, provides new and experienced anti-human trafficking task forces, including those funded through the Enhanced Collaborative Model Task Force to Combat Human Trafficking program, with guidance to assess and plan task force development from start to sustainability.

Additional Resources

Find additional resources and training and technical assistance opportunities on the OVC Human Trafficking microsite.

Support for Victims of Mass Violence

Resources and Support for Victims of Mass Violence

Acts of mass violence can have devastating impacts on the communities in which they occur. Victims and their loved ones often need both immediate supportive care and long-term services to help them recover and cope. Communities also need resources to ensure that they are equipped to meet these needs.

View resources to help prepare for, and respond to, these incidents.

Helping Victims of Mass Violence & Terrorism: Planning, Response, Recovery, and Resources

OVC’s Helping Victims of Mass Violence & Terrorism: Planning, Response, Recovery, and Resources toolkit helps communities prepare for and respond to the needs of victims of mass violence and terrorism in the most timely, effective, and compassionate manner possible.

The OVC Training and Technical Assistance Center (OVC TTAC) provides training and technical assistance (TTA) related to the toolkit and your mass violence recovery plans at no cost. View previously recorded webinars and contact them at [email protected] for information about customized TTA.

Improving Community Preparedness for Mass Violence Victims

This OVC-funded project provides training, technical assistance, and support to help communities ensure that immediate and long-term protocols and strategies to support victims are properly incorporated into emergency response plans.

Learn more and apply.

National Mass Violence Victimization Resource Center

The Center receives funding from OVC to provide communities with evidence-based information and resources to effectively prepare for and respond to mass violence incidents. Visit their Tip Sheets for suggestions on planning mass violence response.

The Center’s Transcend mobile app offers a safe space for victims to heal. Users can access tools and activities on calming the body, managing distressing thoughts, maintaining healthy activity, coping with loss, and helping others. A “Get Help” feature offers contact information for crisis hotlines and other support services. Learn more and download the Transcend App.

Additional Resources

Discover more resources on our Terrorism & Mass Violence Microsite and our Help for Victims of Terrorism and Mass Violence page for resources and information about hotlines, victim compensation, publications, websites, and a mobile app to help victims and their loved ones.

Date Published: July 1, 2022