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July 2023 Featured Resources

Now Accepting National Crime Victims’ Service Awards Nominations

The prestigious National Crime Victims’ Service Awards recognize individuals, organizations, teams, and programs that demonstrate outstanding achievements or extraordinary acts in support of victims and survivors and in expanding access to justice across all communities.

This year, we have updated our award categories to simplify the nomination process. Submit your nominations under one of the categories listed below.

National Crime Victim Service Award

This award recognizes programs and individuals whose work has been particularly noteworthy, and who exemplify the long-term commitment that characterizes many in the victim services field, some of whom are also victims of crime.

Allied Professional Award

This award recognizes an individual, team, or program from a specific discipline that works alongside the victim assistance field including, but not limited to, health care, education, legal, social work, and first responder communities (e.g., law enforcement, emergency services, firefighters, and rescue professions), for their contributions to the crime victims field or extraordinary acts of valor in support of crime victims.

Survivor Voices Award

This award recognizes a victim or survivor whose perseverance or determination in the aftermath of a victimization was the catalyst for—

  • implementing an innovative program,
  • shifting an existing program in a new direction, or
  • changing policies or practices that prevent survivors from accessing services or pursuing justice. 

Building Knowledge Through Research Award

This award recognizes individual researchers or research teams that made a significant contribution to the Nation's understanding of crime victim issues.

Tomorrow’s Leader Award

This award seeks to honor and highlight youth up to age 24 who have dedicated their efforts to supporting victims of crime.

Submit your nominations today

Nominations are due by 11:59 p.m., eastern time on Thursday, August 10, 2023.

Director Rose Reflects on 2 Years at OVC

Hear from the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) Director Kristina Rose during a special edition of the From the Director’s Desk monthly briefing.

In recognition of the second anniversary of her appointment, Director Rose provided a briefing that explores OVC’s efforts to increase options, access, and information for all crime victims and survivors over the past 2 years.

Stay tuned for future From the Director’s Desk briefings, which take place the second Thursday of each month at 3:00 p.m., eastern time.

July 30 is World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

World Day Against Trafficking in Persons: 30 July

Join OVC as we commemorate World Day Against Trafficking in Persons on July 30. On this day we recommit ourselves to “work towards an enhanced comprehensive and coordinated approach to prevent and combat trafficking and to protect and assist victims of trafficking in persons…”

Learn about OVC efforts to ensure that victims of human trafficking have access to services.

OVC Funds Services for Human Trafficking Victims

OVC is the largest federal funder of services for human trafficking victims in the Nation. During Fiscal Years 2016–2020, OVC human trafficking grantees reported serving more than 40,000 clients. Victims were provided services such as ongoing case management, legal services, employment assistance, safety planning, education, housing and rental assistance, and mental health treatment.

For information about OVC efforts to ensure that support and services are available to all victims of human trafficking, read The Office for Victims of Crime: An Ongoing Commitment to Victims of Human Trafficking and visit our website’s Human Trafficking section.

Child Victims and Witnesses Support Materials on Human Trafficking

This set of graphic novels empower young trafficking survivors, aged 12–18, to make their voices heard and advocate for themselves. These resources help youth understand the justice system, their rights, and roles of different practitioners they may encounter.

Each graphic novel is available in English, African French, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (simplified), Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Additionally, three English audiobook versions of these novels are available. Each audiobook is read by voice actors who are young adult trafficking survivors.

View and listen to the materials.

Developing Standards of Care for Anti-Trafficking Service Providers

OVC is partnering with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office on Trafficking in Persons to fund the development of standards of care for anti-trafficking service providers in order to promote uniform service standards that will ensure consistent quality of care and reduce potential harm to trafficking survivors.

Learn about the efforts to develop these standards of care and listen to a discussion about this joint effort.

Labor Trafficking in the United States

While OVC has always worked to ensure that all victims of human trafficking are provided with needed services, OVC is working to better understand labor trafficking in the United States, expand the services that are available to labor trafficking victims, and hold offenders accountable.

Learn about OVC efforts to combat labor trafficking and discover research and resources.  

A Roadmap for Anti-Human Trafficking Task Forces

A multidisciplinary anti-human trafficking task force supports and encourages a collaborative effort among local, state, and federal law enforcement, prosecutors, and victim service providers.

The Development and Operations Roadmap for Multidisciplinary Anti-Human Trafficking Task Forces, provides new and experienced anti-human trafficking task forces, including those funded through the Enhanced Collaborative Model Task Force to Combat Human Trafficking program, with guidance to assess and plan task force development from start to sustainability. The roadmap was produced by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, with funding from OVC and the Bureau of Justice Assistance.

Additional Resources

Find additional resources and training and technical assistance opportunities on our website’s Human Trafficking section.

Watch the Back to Basics Microlearning Video Series

OVC TTAC: Office for Victims of Crime Training and Technical Assistance Center

The OVC Training and Technical Assistance Center (OVC TTAC) recently launched a series of Back to Basics microlearning videos focusing on current and emerging trends and needs in the victim services field.

Each short video provides an overview of best practices covering a variety of topics, such as—

  • Capacity Building,
  • Culturally Responsive Victim Services,
  • Sustainability,
  • Trauma-Informed and Victim-Centered Approaches,
  • Victims' Rights: The Cornerstone of Victim Services,
  • and more.

Visit the OVC TTAC website for a full list of Back to Basics microlearning videos.

More videos will be added to the series on additional topics. Subscribe to receive OVC TTAC updates to learn about the release of future videos.

Date Published: July 11, 2023