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September 2022 Featured Resources

September is National Preparedness Month

National Preparedness Month

President Biden proclaimed September as National Preparedness Month. In his proclamation, the President states, “During this National Preparedness Month, let us strengthen our support for first responders — our first line of defense when catastrophes threaten our homes, businesses, schools, and families.”

In recognition of National Preparedness Month, OVC highlights the following resources.

Helping Victims of Mass Violence & Terrorism: Planning, Response, Recovery, and Resources

OVC’s Helping Victims of Mass Violence & Terrorism: Planning, Response, Recovery, and Resources toolkit helps communities prepare for and respond to the needs of victims of mass violence and terrorism in the most timely, effective, and compassionate manner possible.

The OVC Training and Technical Assistance Center (OVC TTAC) provides training and technical assistance (TTA) related to the toolkit and your mass violence recovery plans at no cost. View previously recorded webinars and contact them at [email protected] for information about customized TTA.

National Mass Violence Victimization Resource Center

The OVC-sponsored National Mass Violence Victimization Resource Center (NMVVRC) provides communities with evidence-based information and resources to effectively prepare for and respond to mass violence incidents.

View the NMVVRC’s Tip Sheets for suggestions to create a victim-centered plan for mass violence incidents.

NMVVRC’s Transcend mobile app offers a safe space for victims to heal. Users can access tools and activities on calming the body, managing distressing thoughts, maintaining healthy activity, coping with loss, and helping others. A “Get Help” feature offers contact information for crisis hotlines and other support services. Learn more and download the Transcend App.

Visit the National Mass Violence Victimization Resource Center website to learn more.

Improving Community Preparedness for Mass Violence Victims

This OVC-funded project provides training, technical assistance, and support to help communities ensure that immediate and long-term protocols and strategies to support victims are properly incorporated into emergency response plans.

Learn more.

Additional Resources

Discover more resources on our Terrorism & Mass Violence Microsite and our Help for Victims of Terrorism and Mass Violence page for resources and information about hotlines, victim compensation, publications, websites, and a mobile app to help victims and their loved ones.

Honor Victims and Responders on the 9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance

9.11.2022: Honoring Victims of 9/11. We will never forget.

To honor the sacrifices made on September 11 and those made every day by first responders and their families, Americans across the country unite during the National Day of Service and Remembrance.

OVC pays tribute to the 2,977 people who lost their lives at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. We also remember the thousands who were injured in the attacks and those who have been diagnosed with a 9/11-related illness.

Visit the National Day of Service and Remembrance webpage to learn how to participate this year.

September is National Campus Safety Awareness Month

September: National Campus Safety Awareness Month

National Campus Safety Awareness Month is a time to raise awareness about safety on college and university campuses across the country.

During September, OVC highlights our Expanding SANE Services to Victims of Sexual Assault on Campus grant program. In FY 2020, OVC made eight awards totaling more than $3.8 million under this program to offer medical forensic care, advocacy, and other victim services to sexual assault survivors on college campuses.

OVC lists free helplines that offer services and information to victims of crime, including those on campuses. Of particular interest to campus professionals, is the VictimConnect Helpline.
This helpline is a place for crime victims to learn about their rights and options, confidentially and compassionately. VictimConnect is a weekday helpline that offers information, referrals, and resources toll free by phone or text to 855-4-VICTIM (855-484-2846) or online chat.

For information and resources on campus safety, visit our Campus Crime section and the Campus Safety Awareness Special Feature on the Office of Justice Programs website.

National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims is September 25

September 25: National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims

In 2007, the U.S. Congress designated September 25 of each year as the National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims. On this day, we “honor the memories of murder victims and ... recognize the impact on surviving family members.”

In commemoration of this annual observance, listen to OVC Director Kristina Rose speak with Roberta Roper in the latest edition of the Justice Today podcast edition about the murder of her beloved daughter, Stephanie, and the challenges she and her family faced while trying to navigate the justice system. Hear Roberta’s inspiring story and how the crime victims’ field has changed in the past four decades; and learn about the ongoing work that needs to be done to help all victims of crime find their justice.

Visit our Events Calendar to search for memorial events throughout the country. Many of these events are free and open to the public.

Access our Homicide Victims/Co-Survivors page for information about serving homicide victims/co-survivors and to access resources from organizations that may help provide emotional support to survivors and promote healthy grief resolution.

One such organization is the National Organization of Parents Of Murdered Children, which—

  • offers support to grieving parents and loved ones toll free hotline (888-818-7662) and at in person events;
  • supports local chapters that offer monthly meetings, support, advocacy, and court accompaniment; and
  • provides training to professionals who give support to survivors.
Date Published: September 12, 2022