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Listen to a New Crime Survivors Podcast on Sexual Violence

The OVC Center for VOCA Administrators just released its second episode in the "Crime Survivors: The Power of the Personal Story" podcast series. This series features personal survivors’ stories that provide a deeper understanding of victims’ experiences accessing services, and awareness of victims’ rights, access, and equity concerns. Stories, which may help identify new processes and practices to improve the field.

In this latest episode, listen to the personal story of Elizabeth Huebsch.

In 2014, Liz became the victim of ongoing sexual violence at the hands of her spiritual advisor. When she sought assistance and support, she experienced significant violations of her personal privacy and confidentiality. While her experience with her state’s crime victim compensation program was positive, the rest of her journey to justice was not.

Elizabeth Huebsch shares, “When damage is done to a victim, it’s everyone’s job to repair that damage.”

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Date Published: June 29, 2022