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Center for Victim Research Launches Website to Help Improve Victim Services

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The Center for Victim Research (CVR) has launched a new website with support from OVC. Launched this year, the Center facilitates access to victim research and data while improving the utility of research and data collection to crime victim services nationwide.

The OVC Vision 21 Initiative identified the need for an evidence base to support victim services practices. To address this challenge, the new CVR library collection is an easy-to-use search tool for finding research regarding all types of victimization and victim services.

VOCA-funded agencies also have complimentary access to subscription-based journal articles in the CVR library. To register from the CVR homepage, click on “Sign in” and “Register” and then click on “VOCA-Funded Agencies.” Once you’re in the CVR library, you will be able to search for both open-access and subscription resources.

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Date Published: August 21, 2018