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Message to Compensation Administrators: Change in the Financial Guide Regarding Payments to Crime Victims

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Dear VOCA Compensation Administrator:

The purpose of this message is to announce an update to the 2015 DOJ Grants Financial Guide regarding sources of payments to crime victims under the OVC Victim Compensation Program. Section 2.3 of the Guide is now consistent with the 2001 VOCA Victim Compensation Program Guidelines and contains the following information.

“For the OVC Victim Compensation Program, there is no financial requirement to identify the source of individual payments to crime victims as either federal or state dollars, nor is there any requirement that restitution recoveries or other refunds be tracked to federal or state dollars paid out to victims. However, the state agency administering funds under this program must have in place an adequate accounting system to capture and track all financial transactions related to the victim compensation grant; and upon request, must provide authorized representatives with access to and the right to examine all records, books, paper or documents related to the victim compensation grant per the VOCA Victim Compensation Program Guidelines — 66 Fed. Reg. 27158 (May 16, 2001), Sections V.G and IX.A.”

This information has been shared with the Office of Inspector General, who as you know, is conducting an audit of the Office of Justice Programs, Crime Victims Fund which includes VOCA Victim Compensation and Victim Assistance formula grant programs.

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Date Published: March 30, 2017