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Compensation and Crowdfunding/Check-ins with Grant Managers

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February 17, 2021

A Copy of an Email Sent by Kathrina S. Peterson, OVC Deputy Director, on February 11, 2021

Good Evening Everyone,

The purpose of this email is to provide information about compensation and crowdfunding, and also offer an opportunity to all of you to have more “regular” check-ins with your grant managers.

Crowdfunding and Compensation: Some states have requested information about crowdfunding and compensation. The attached memorandum sets forth considerations that may apply when there are crowdfunded resources relevant to a victim compensation claim.

Check-ins with Grant Managers: In the last several months, some grant managers have begun having “regular” check-ins with some of their grantees. We’ve heard positive feedback about these check-ins from states, and our State Victim Resource Division Team is really benefiting from the information shared. The check-ins are an opportunity for you all to have some consistent, planned time with your grant manager to discuss any issues on your mind, including allowability questions, challenges, successes, and anything else. In the next few weeks, your grant manager will be contacting you about scheduling “regular” check-ins. You and your grant manager can discuss what “regular” means and what works best for you. These are optional meetings, not mandatory!

I hope you and your loved ones are hanging in there. 

As always, we love hearing from you. Please stay in touch.



Kathrina S. Peterson
Deputy Director
State Victim Resource Division
Office for Victims of Crime

Date Created: February 12, 2021