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Resources and Support for the Victims in Dadeville, Alabama

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Staff members at OVC express our heartfelt condolences to the victims of the shooting at a party in Dadeville, Alabama on April 15, 2023.

The following resources may be of assistance to the victims, their families, and the community during this difficult time.

Resources are also available to help victim service providers, educators, law enforcement, first responders, and community and faith leaders responding to this tragedy.

Victim Helplines


VictimConnect is an OVC-funded service that offers confidential assistance to victims of crime. Trained specialists are available to help you locate services in your area, including mental health counseling, legal services, and more. Contact VictimConnect from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. eastern time at:

Call or Text: 855-4-VICTIM (855-484-2846)
Chat: https://chat.victimsofcrime.org/victim-connect
Dial 711 and VictimConnect staff can provide services through an interpreter in more than 200 languages, and to hearing- and speech-impaired individuals.

Disaster Distress Helpline

The Disaster Distress Helpline, funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, is a national hotline dedicated to providing year-round disaster crisis counseling.

This 24/7 toll free, multilingual, crisis support service is available to residents in the United States and its territories who are experiencing emotional distress related to natural or human-caused disasters, including incidents of mass violence. Call or text the hotline at 800-985-5990.

Victim Compensation

Alabama’s Crime Victims’ Compensation Program, funded in part through the OVC-administered Crime Victims Fund, may help offset a victim’s financial burden related to funeral, mental health, medical, and other expenses. Following is contact information for this program:

Crime Vic­tims’ Com­pen­sa­tion Program
Phone: 334-290-4420
Email: [email protected]


Date Published: April 18, 2023