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State Victim Assistance Academies



To fulfill its long-term goal of encouraging victim assistance courses of study across the country, OVC introduced the State Victim Assistance Academy (SVAA) initiative in 1998. The purpose of SVAAs is to provide fundamental, comprehensive, and academically based education and training for victim assistance providers, victim advocates, criminal justice personnel, and allied professionals who routinely deal with crime victims.

Find an SVAA

To find out if your state or territory has a Victim Assistance Academy, visit the State Victim Assistance Academies Map section of the SVAA Resource Center website.

Implement an SVAA

If your state does not have an SVAA, view A Complete Guide to Establishing and Operating a Victim Assistance Academy, which offers guidance assist states and territories in developing and/or refining their State Victim Assistance Academies.

OVC also encourages Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Assistance Administrators in each state to use VOCA administrative funds to support their SVAA. To contact your VOCA Assistance Administrator, click on your state in our State Support page. When discussing how to implement an SVAA, your VOCA Assistance Administrator may suggest that you speak to an SVAA Project Monitor at OVC to learn more about discretionary grants that may be available for starting a new SVAA.

Training and Technical Assistance for SVAAs

Training and technical assistance, for both prospective and established SVAAs, is available through the OVC Training and Technical Assistance Center (OVC TTAC). Learn more by contacting OVC TTAC.

Date Created: May 18, 2020