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The OVC Center for VOCA Administrators

The Survivor Series Podcast

The OVC Center for VOCA Administrators (OVC VOCA Center) is excited to announce our new podcast: Crime Survivors, the Power of the Personal Story.

Launched to coincide with 2022 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week this podcast series will listen to and learn from survivors about how to make rights, access, and equity for all victims a reality in their lives; and about the challenges they face on their journey toward justice.

Produced with support from the Office for Victims of Crime, this podcast series explores the VOCA Victim Assistance and State Compensation programs from a victim’s perspective. The podcasts will highlight promising practices and areas for improvement as well as complement victims’ stories with subject matter experts to help advance policies and practices in the victim services field that center on the experiences of diverse survivors.

We hope this new series will help VOCA Administrators develop a deeper understanding of victims’ experiences accessing services, and a deeper awareness of victims’ rights, access, and equity concerns with the goal of identifying new processes and practices to improve the field.

Crime Victim Survivors: The Power of the Personal Story - Episode 3: Unique Patterson

October 2022

In this podcast, we hear from Unique Patterson who discusses his experience as a gun violence survivor who suffered paralysis from the victimization. Joining Unique on the podcast is Dr. Liza Chowdury, Director of the Paterson Healing Collective, a hospital-based violence intervention program (HVIP). Staff of the Paterson Healing Collective connected with Unique while he was in the hospital, recovering from his injuries. In addition to receiving supportive services, Unique also received financial assistance from the state compensation program.

Crime Victim Survivors: The Power of the Personal Story - Episode 2: Elizabeth Huebsch

June 2022
In this podcast, we hear from Elizabeth Huebsch who discusses her experience when she sought assistance and support from law enforcement and her local sexual assault victim services organization. Throughout her journey, she experienced significant violations of her personal privacy and confidentiality. While her experience with her state’s crime victim compensation program was positive, the rest of her journey was not.

Crime Victim Survivors: The Power of the Personal Story - Episode 1: Juanita Batchelor

April 2022

In our first podcast, we hear the powerful personal story of Juanita Batchelor – a mother, grandmother, survivor, advocate, and activist – whose life was changed forever when her son was murdered. Juanita discusses the hurdles crime survivors go through trying to exercise their right to victim compensation; and what can be done to improve victim compensation services.

Date Modified: June 28, 2022
Date Created: April 25, 2022