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Color ME Aware Campaign to Highlight National Crime Victims' Rights Week

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Event Dates

Every year the Virginia Department of Corrections brings an awareness campaign to staff, our population, and the community called Color ME Aware, where they highlight a crime type and victim focus by wearing a particular color that day and taking part in activities related to that type of crime. They use each year's new theme as part of the dialogue during activities and sessions. This year they are adding virtual seminars each day that are open to the public to raise awareness while providing victims an opportunity to share their voice. 

Each Victim Impact story will be approximately 1.5 hours, including time to address questions from the audience. 

  • Monday: DUI 
  • Tuesday: Intimate Partner Violence/Domestic Violence/Stalking 
  • Wednesday: Assault/Gun Violence 
  • Thursday: Child Abuse 
  • Friday: Homicide

For more information please reach out the the Virginia Department of Corrections victim services at [email protected].

Date Created: March 28, 2024