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The Intersection of Human Trafficking and Financial Investigations


A recorded webinar providing attendees with key insights to conducting financial investigations, including how to get started, an introduction to relevant tools, selecting the right cases, and building buy-in from leadership and other stakeholders.

Target Audience: Law Enforcement and Prosecutors

Objectives: Learn to—

  • identify the applicable federal statutes related to financial crimes and money laundering;
  • implement innovative approaches to conducting financial investigations;
  • identify specific indicators of sex trafficking and/or forced labor in financial investigations;
  • build buy-in from leadership to support resource and staffing needs for financial investigations; and
  • minimize or eliminate the need for victim participation during the criminal investigation and prosecution process.

Includes: A webinar featuring presenters Jane Khodarkovsky, Human Trafficking Finance Specialist, Money Laundering and Asset Recovery Section, U.S. Department of Justice, Sergeant Nicholas Odenath, Ventura County (CA) Sheriff’s Office, Ventura County Human Trafficking Task Force and Moderator Katie Rossomondo, Project Coordinator, International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Date Created: February 2, 2022