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Prosecuting Human Trafficking Cases: Going Forward Without a Victim


A recorded webinar on strategies for law enforcement and prosecutors to pursue evidence-based human trafficking investigations in which a victim is unable to participate.

Target Audience: Law Enforcement Personnel and Prosecutors

Objectives: To provide—

  • charging strategies to support prosecutions where victims are unable to testify;
  • demonstrate how “force, fraud, and coercion” can be established through physical evidence, non-hearsay statements, exceptions to hearsay, and digital evidence;
  • analyze how forfeiture by wrongdoing can be used to admit victim statements as non-hearsay; and
  • explore nontraditional means of conducting undercover operations which target traffickers instead of potential victims.

Includes: A webinar featuring subject matter experts Jane Anderson, Attorney Advisor, AEquitas, and Sgt. Grant Snyder, Director of Law Enforcement Training, International Association of Human Trafficking Investigators.

Date Created: February 3, 2022