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The State of Modern Slavery in the U.S.: Trends and Tools for Law Enforcement and Victim Service Providers


A recorded webinar that discusses common human trafficking businesses and best strategies for collaboration with the Human Trafficking Hotline on human trafficking cases.

Target Audience: Law Enforcement Personnel and Victim Service Providers


  • Increase awareness of human trafficking business models and typologies in the United States.
  • Enhance the capacity of law enforcement and victim service providers to identify victims and investigate cases through collaboration with the National Human Trafficking Hotline and Polaris' Disruption Strategies team.
  • Deliver practical resources to aid jurisdictions in disrupting human trafficking operations across the country.
  • Provide the opportunity to connect with National Human Trafficking Hotline staff and Polaris' Disruption Strategies team to obtain essential information to combat human trafficking.

Includes: A webinar featuring panelists Elizabeth Gerrior, Data Quality & Reports Manager, Polaris, Sam Gillis, Case Analyst, National Human Trafficking Hotline, Polaris, Rochelle Keyhan, Director of Disruption Strategies, Polaris, Grant Snyder, Sergeant, Minneapolis Police Department.

Date Created: February 3, 2022