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Each year, OVC awards formula and discretionary grants to enhance the delivery of crime victim services throughout the Nation.

You may browse the table below and use filter options to view awards by award status, State, fiscal year, awardee name, city or perform a keyword search. 

Click on the Title for more details about the award and click on the Original Solicitation title to view the funding opportunity.


State denotes the state of the organization that received the funding. States Served indicates the state in which services provided.  If an organization focuses their attention to a specific community in that state, the service area is identified as the Geographical Areas Served.

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State: CA,
District: 12

Number of Awards: 11
Total Amount Awarded: $7,394,541

Funded Awards
FY Sort ascending Title Original Solicitation Recipient State States Served Geographical Areas Served Amount
2019 Survivor Advocates in Healthcare OVC FY 2019 Field-Generated Innovations in Assistance to Victims of Human Trafficking Dignity Health Foundation CA California Los Angeles County $899,311
2019 Three-Times Hidden: Overcoming Layers of Invisibility to Advance a Service Model for Urban AI/AN Victims of Sex-Trafficking OVC FY 2019 Project Beacon: Increasing Services for Urban American Indian and Alaska Native Victims of Sex Trafficking Friendship House Association of American Indians CA $450,000
2018 Dignity Health Human Trafficking Victim Response Hospital Pilot - Bakersfield OVC FY 2018 Advancing Hospital-Based Victim Services Dignity Health Foundation CA $948,921
2018 Safe Haven for Mental Health Services Project OVC FY 2018 Specialized Services for Victims of Human Trafficking Dignity Health Foundation CA California Sacramento, Redding, Northridge $648,184
2017 Promoting Employment Opportunities For Survivors Of Trafficking OVC FY 17 Specialized Human Trafficking Training and Technical Assistance for Service Providers Futures Without Violence CA National $850,000
2017 Safe Shelter Collaborative: National Expansion OVC FY 17 Vision 21: Advancing the Use of Technology to Assist Victims of Crime TechSoup Global CA $993,125
2017 STAGES: Strategies and Training to Advance Greater Elder Safety OVC FY 17 Field-Generated Innovations in Addressing Elder Abuse and Financial Exploitation Futures Without Violence CA $500,000
2014 Anti-Trafficking Collaborative of the Bay Area OVC FY 14 Services for Victims of Human Trafficking Asian Pacific Islnde Legal Outreach dba of Nihonmachi Legal CA $455,000
2011 Bay Area Anti-Trafficking Collaborative OVC FY 11 Services for Victims of Human Trafficking Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach dba of Nihonmachi Lega CA $400,000
2009 Services for Domestic Minor Victims of Human Trafficking OVC FY 09 Services for Domestic Minor Victims of Human Trafficking SAGE Project Inc. CA $800,000
2006 Utah Trafficking Victim Assistance Program - Comprehensive services for victims of human trafficking in Utah. OVC FY 06 Trafficking Task Forces and Victim Services Tides Center/Utah Health & Human Rights Project CA $450,000