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Funding Webinars

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To assist potential applicants in developing strong proposals in response to our current funding opportunities, OVC hosts educational webinars for interested stakeholders to learn more about the program objectives and submission requirements. A question-and-answer session is held before the conclusion of every webinar.

Application Mechanics Weekly Webinars

We encourage all potential applicants to register for the weekly “Application Mechanics: Submitting an Application Weekly Training Webinar,” held every Wednesday from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m., eastern time. Visit the JustGrants Resources website to learn more and register. Participation in these webinars is optional.

Upcoming OVC Pre-Application Information Session Webinars

FY24 VOCA Victim Assistance and Victim Compensation Formula Grant Programs Pre-Application Webinar

OVC will conduct one pre-application webinar on Wednesday, April 17, 2024, from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m., eastern time. Participation in the webinar is optional. OVC staff will review the requirements for the OVC FY24 VOCA Assistance and Compensation formula solicitations and conduct a question-and-answer session with interested potential applicants.

Date: Wednesday, April 17, 2024
Time: 3:00–4:00 p.m., eastern time

Register Now

OVC encourages participants to review the OVC FY24 VOCA Victim Assistance Formula Grant and/or OVC FY24 VOCA Victim Compensation Formula Grant solicitations and submit any questions they may have in advance and no later than 2 days prior to the webinar. Submit your questions to [email protected] with the subject as “Questions for OVC FY24 VOCA Victim Assistance Formula Webinar.”

Recorded OVC Pre-Application Webinars

OVC FY 2024 Integrated Services for Minor Victims of Human Trafficking Pre-Application Webinar

OVC FY 2024 Improving Outcomes for Child and Youth Victims of Human Trafficking Pre-Application Webinar

OVC FY 2024 Services for Victims of Human Trafficking Pre-Application Webinar

OVC FY24 Enhanced Collaborative Model (ECM) Task Force to Combat Human Trafficking Pre-Application Information Session

OVC FY24 Preventing Trafficking of Girls Pre-Application Webinar

  •  Webinar held: March 27, 2024
  •  Webinar materials:
    • Webinar recording (forthcoming)
    • Webinar presentation (forthcoming)
    • Webinar transcript (forthcoming)
  •  Solicitation

OVC FY24 Anti-Trafficking Housing Assistance Program Pre-Application Webinar

  •  Webinar held: April 4, 2024
  •  Webinar materials:
    • Webinar recording (forthcoming)
    • Webinar presentation (forthcoming)
    • Webinar transcript (forthcoming)
  •  Solicitation

Planning Your OVC Application Webinar Series

OVC hosted a four-part Pre-Application Webinar Series: Planning Your OVC Application to provide potential applicants with information about OVC funding opportunities and guidance on how to apply.

Each webinar covers a unique topic to help your organization prepare for OVC Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 funding opportunities.

Part 1: Getting Ready to Apply

This session provided an overview of the two-part application process in Grants.gov and JustGrants, including actions potential applicants can take prior to a solicitation’s release.

Part 2: Considerations When Building Your OVC Budget

The discussion covered how to create a strong budget and budget narrative that effectively identifies the resources requested, is clearly connected to your grant application narrative, and complies with DOJ guidelines and requirements.

Part 3: Preparing Your Proposal and What to Expect Next

Receive practical guidance on how to prepare a strong grant application and what happens to applications after submission.

Part 4: Overview of Upcoming Funding Opportunities in FY 2022

Learn about the primary initiatives that OVC anticipates funding in FY 2022 and acquire key information about the grant application process.

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Date Created: November 12, 2020