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OVC FY 10 Mass Casualty and Violence at Home and Abroad Conference

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One cooperative agreement of $655,000 will be awarded to a nongovernmental organization, college or university, or public agency to plan and implement the Mass Casualty and Violence at Home and Abroad—OVC Assisting Victims of Crime 2011 Conference. The conference will provide 2.5-3 days of state-of-the-art training with national experts presenting workshops and keynotes on multidisciplinary teams and victim-centered approaches to assisting victims of mass violence. The applicant awarded funding under this cooperative agreement will work in close coordination and consultation with OVC in all aspects of the development of this conference. Applicants may find the 2009 Conference Report useful to review. Those applying are urged to begin the application process well in advance of the July 15, 2010, deadline.


Number of Awards: 1
Total Amount Awarded: $655,000

Date Created: May 20, 2010