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OVC FY 15 Evidence-Based Approach to Addressing Vicarious Trauma in VA, LE and Other First Responders Invitational Letter

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The Evidence-Based Approach to Understanding and Addressing Vicarious Trauma in Victim Assistance Professionals, Law Enforcement Officers and Other First Responders (AVT) project is an effort to understand and address vicarious traumatic stress in victim assistance professionals, law enforcement personnel and other first responders. In Phase One, the grantee is tasked with conducting a comprehensive assessment of existing polices, practices, procedures, and protocols that demonstrate effectiveness in understanding and addressing trauma. The assessment will identify gaps, identify necessary resources, and guide the development of a toolkit that will be national in scope to address vicarious trauma in these professionals. Four pilot sites will be selected to the implement the toolkit developed in this phase. Phase two builds on the lessons learned in Phase One where the grantee will develop and execute a national dissemination and implementation plan of the toolkit for victim assistance, law enforcement and other first responders subject to the impact of work-related traumatic stress and exposure to traumatizing incidents.
Date Created: April 20, 2015