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OVC FY 15 Services for Family Members of Victims of Kidnapping and Hostage Taking and Returned Hostages

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One cooperative agreement of up to $200,000 will be awarded to an eligible applicant to identify the needs of families of overseas hostages, kidnapped victims, and returned hostages; and provide information and referral to available services, assistance, and emotional support as they navigate the complex issues that arise in the aftermath of the kidnapping or hostage-taking. Applicants must demonstrate an established capacity to operate on a national level, as well as knowledge of the victim services field and the ability to coordinate and collaborate with, and provide referrals to, available resources and services throughout the United States, including those at the local level, to support the family members of these victims and returned hostages. Those applying are urged to begin in advance of the July 2, 2015, deadline.
Date Created: May 18, 2015