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OVC FY 2018 Fellowship Program Invitation to Apply

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The purpose of this program is to recommend six invited applications for third and final year continuation funding under the Office for Victims of Crime Fiscal Year 2018 Fellowship Program. The invitation for continuation funding is being made available only to the following: Erin Albright (Purpose Area - Human Trafficking Task Forces) 2016-VF-GX-K014 up to $150,000. Kristy Hana Cho (Purpose Area - Human Trafficking Survivor-Informed Services) 2016-VF-GX-K015 up to $150,000. Kathryn Hennecy Floyd (Purpose Area - Mass Violence and Terrorism) 2016-VF-GX-K032 up to $150,000. Jo E. Johnson (Purpose Area - Underserved Victims of Sexual Assault) 2016-VF-GX-K016 up to $150,000. Peter Pollard (Purpose Area - Services for Male Survivors) 2016-VF-GX-K012 up to $150,000. Michelle Deanee’ Johnson (Purpose Area - Child Sexual Exploitation) 2016-VF-GX-K010 up to $150,000.
Date Created: July 17, 2018