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OVC FY 2019 Discretionary Training and Technical Assistance Program for VOCA Victim Assistance Grantees

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The purpose of this solicitation is to provide training and technical assistance to VOCA Victim Assistance service providers and others who work with victims of crime. Activities funded through this program may include, but are not limited to: the establishment or enhancement of state victim assistance academies, statewide training initiatives, crime victim-related conferences, basic training for new programs, or scholarships to attend conferences and/or training. Eligible applicants are limited to state administering agencies for the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Victim Assistance Program Formula Grants. OVC conducted a pre-application webinar on June 17, 2019, and a recording and transcript of this webinar are available at www.ovc.gov/grants/webinars.html. Apply by July 18, 2019.


Number of Awards: 2
Total Amount Awarded: $794,008

Date Created: June 3, 2019