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Carolyn Morgan

2010 Allied Professional Award | National Crime Victims’ Service Awards

Carolyn Morgan | Allied Professional Award
Self-Advocates United As 1
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Not only is Carolyn Morgan an outspoken advocate for people with disabilities—particularly people with disabilities who have been victims of crime—but she is also a person with a disability herself. People with disabilities are significantly more vulnerable to crime victimization and are considered a hugely underserved population. 

For more than a decade, Ms. Morgan has worked with individuals and groups on both the local and state levels to build awareness, educate, and foster collaborations with first responders. Ms. Morgan is cofounder of Self-Advocates United As 1, an advocacy group comprised of people with intellectual disabilities, and she serves on numerous boards and committees across Pennsylvania. More recently, Ms. Morgan worked with a statewide group of self advocates to develop, pilot test, and deliver training on safety and self-determination for people with cognitive disabilities. In the words of one supporter, “Carolyn works tirelessly to deliver the message of equal rights and human dignity for all people.” 

Carolyn Morgan was nominated by Beverly L. Frantz, Criminal Justice Coordinator, Institute on Disabilities at Temple University.