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Miki Nishizawa

2016 Tomorrow’s Leaders Award | National Crime Victims’ Service Awards
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Miki Nishizawa | Tomorrow’s Leaders Award
Waipahu, Hawaii

When a student can inspire an adult through her actions, you know that student is special. Miki Nishizawa is a compassionate young woman with a passion for advocacy and education around domestic violence, suicide prevention, and traffic safety. 

An innovator in her youth, she was instrumental in developing and delivering a peer-to-peer training about teen domestic violence at Waipahu High School, (one of the largest public schools in the State of Hawaii). As a student, she developed the curriculum with the purpose to identify and prevent domestic abuse, which has value for violence prevention during adolescence and later in life. 

Focused on raising future generations with healthy mindsets for a brighter future, she initiated student body seminars that helped students to learn more about this issue and provide pathways for individuals to reach out for support. This project serves as a template for the entire State of Hawaii. 

Through Ms. Nishizawa’s efforts, students have come out for help to address their issues and receive the support they need. Many students have stated they would not have sought support if it had not been for Ms. Nishizawa’s program. 

She has partnered with many nonprofit organizations and worked on the No More Campaign, a national awareness campaign to stop domestic violence. Ms. Nishizawa is an incredible young woman who has worked with students, school staff, community organizers, and even the Hawaii legislature to ensure students are aware of domestic violence issues and know how to get help for themselves and friends.

2016 National Crime Victims' Service Awards Tribute Video

Watch this video to learn more about Miki K. Nishizawa, 2016 recipient of the Tomorrow’s Leaders Award.