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Elijah Lee | 2024 National Crime Victims' Service Awards

Elijah Lee is a 16-year-old, and a national advocate for children. His activism started at the age of 10 years old, as he led his first child abuse awareness march, where he rallied the community and educated others about its prevalence. Elijah founded a nonprofit organization, Hear Our Voices, in 2021, dedicated to empowering young people with an emphasis on assisting youth to find their voices and become agents of change.

To make systematic change, he has become involved in legislative work. Working directly with members of the Virginia General Assembly, Elijah has helped draft over six pieces of legislation supporting the needs of child abuse survivors in the areas of trauma-informed care, mental health, and education last year.

Elijah Lee is the recipient of the 2024 Tomorrow’s Leader Award. Visit the OVC Gallery for more information about his work to support victims of crime and the work of other recipients of the National Crime Victims’ Service Awards. 

Date Published: April 25, 2024