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New Resource About Establishing Systems of Care for Children, Youth, and Families Impacted by Victimization

The Illinois Helping Everyone Access Linked Systems (HEALS) project at the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority recently released the Illinois HEALS Toolshed that provides guidance to communities and multidisciplinary teams working to establish systems of care for children, youth, and families impacted by victimization and trauma. It contains resources for creating strong collaborate community responses developed through the Illinois HEALS project as well as helpful tools from national HEALS partners and allied experts. Sections include: 

  • Understanding the Environment & Planning: Identifying stakeholders, assessing needs, and understanding inputs and outputs.
  • Building a Strong Structure for Your System of Care: Establishing leadership, hosting meetings, developing a mission and vision, and building networks.
  • Fundamental Tools: Creating protocols, providing training, conducting outreach, and supporting self-care.
  • Tools for Maintenance and Sustainability: Demonstrating impact, exploring funding, enhancing collaboration, developing leadership skills, and attending to equity and inclusion.
  • Renovation and Growth: Engaging in evaluation and research. 
  • Additional Toolkit Resources: Linking Systems/HEALS partner, SOC, and community collaboration toolkits.

Illinois HEALS was funded by an OVC Linking Systems of Care for Children and Youth Demonstration Project Award, to provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary support for Illinois children and youth who had experienced victimization and for their families.

Date Published: July 24, 2023