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Developing Evaluation Approaches for an Anti-Human Trafficking Housing Program

NCJ Number
American Journal of Evaluation Dated: June 2022
Date Published
June 2022

In response to the gap between the number of anti-trafficking organizations and funding for anti-trafficking services, this paper reports on the development and feasibility testing of an evaluation protocol to generate practice-based evidence for an anti-trafficking transitional housing program.


The increasing number of anti-trafficking organizations and funding for anti-trafficking services have greatly out-paced evaluative efforts resulting in critical knowledge gaps, which have been underscored by recent recommendations for the development of greater evaluation capacity in the anti-trafficking field. Guided by formative evaluation and evaluability frameworks, our practitioner-researcher team had two aims: (1) develop an evaluation protocol, and (2) test the protocol with a feasibility trial. To the best of our knowledge, this is one of only a few reports concerning anti-trafficking housing program evaluations, particularly one with many foreign-national survivors as evaluation participants. In addition to presenting evaluation findings, the team herein documented decisions and strategies related to conceptualizing, designing, and conducting the evaluation to offer approaches for future evaluations.(Publisher abstract provided)

Date Published: June 1, 2022